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Important Notice:
Due to upcoming server upgrades, email settings will be changing for some customers. Please read this information to see if you are affected.

We are now offering High Speed DSL service in select areas. Please call our customer care team at 888-872-9400 to see if it is available and you qualify.

Prexar/USA Internet is proud to offer:

High Speed DSL Internet Access (in select areas). Internet access at speeds 10 times faster than dial up.

FREE Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam - All Prexar/USA Internet residential e-mail accounts come equipped with Prexar/USA Internet's junk mail and virus filtering. Reduce your exposure to the irritation of spam and the very real risk of computer viruses.

For support on your domain registration, web-hosting, co-location and custom domain emails please call us at 800-288-5072.